Ki Massage & Bodyworks, LLC
Kimosha Murphy, CMT, Abdominal Therapy Collective, Founding Member, Practitioner

Better Belly Wellness Event


Sunday, November 19th 12:00 - 2:00pm  

 A community health chat

  • A community conversation on Belly Wellness to explore healing our "GUTS" with a guided conversation.
  • Intention is to build agency and deepen knowledge in community.
  • Sharing stories that are triumphant, present challenges and learning "ole school" traditional remedies while holding safe space together are key to identifying our available resources.
  • Learn vagus nerve basics and how we all know of if as a “gut feeling.”
  • Learn your own self massage technique based on global traditions.
  • Your healing intention will support your body-mind-spirit with touch and movement!
  • Our community goal is best life empowerment with optimal system flow from one’s gut
  • Group and Individual study   January 2024. Offering Teen & Adult learners.
  • BBW classes overview of our class agenda being offered in 2024.

Hyde Park!

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