Ki Massage & Bodyworks, LLC
Kimosha Murphy, CMT, Abdominal Therapy Collective, Founding Member, Practitioner

Clinical Combo Massage

Overall, this type of session integrates 3 or more protocols in addition to the required Informed Consent for every client. Clients can expect to progress toward the goal with a series of at least three scheduled sessions. The intention is to address pain management, range of motion and associated form and function in the body to determine which techniques to use in combination. We target the area of chief complaint and your appointment will include associated structures and systems of flow. One can expect general warming of soft tissue, range of motion assessment at each session and optimized blood, lymphatic flow, breathe-work and client feedback. Documentation of any existing condition, diagnosis, recommendations of medical team physician, therapist or nurse practitioner is welcome. Any contraindications are important to know before we begin the actual hands on massage. Then a personalized treatment plan is created and the hands on work can begin. Sessions offerings costs and time:  

  1. $105.00 for 60 minutes 
  2. $120.00 for 75 minutes
  3. $150.00 for 90 minutes


Clinical massage protocols available include:

Soft tissue manipulation (light  - deep pressure)

Scar tissue/Cyriax friction

Myofascial techniques

Passive stretching 

Join mobilization

Thermafore Moist heat pack

Cool marble stone as Cryotherapy


Abdominal techniques


Alternative therapies may include:

Castor oil packs

Perineal Steam


Faha body wrap support