I have come to know each of these as highly respected, reliable resources shared among my network of practitioners and clients. Cut and paste any of these links to your browser as needed.   Lisa Hendrickson elevates fertility health, innovations and traditions with over 200 FREE Fertility Friday Podcast. 

Kelly Garza has likely the most comprehensive V-Steam research, insights, and teaching all initially inspired by her personal struggles with painful menses. So far she has found this to be a common practice in over 40 countries. www.nurturance. Barbara Loomis of Nurturance always shares the most in-depth and science-based presentations on pelvic health, reproduction, digestion information and she also produces the Alignment Monkey blog!

Her delivery is easy to read and understand. Check her out on Alignment Monkey or on her website and Both are a wealth of science-based info and the levity is perfect. This puts "Wandering Womb" in proper perspective at last! As always your helpful feedback on what you experience with these resources is welcomed.